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Pursue Truth, together

The first social platform built for the pursuit of Truth.

Find your intellectual sparring partners.

It gets lonely being the only one who cares whether Loading.... Because ideas are primitives, you can find people interested in precisely the same ideas as you and actually make progress finding Truth.

Make better decisions.

Why do you choose the answer you do when making a tough decision? It's because of your worldview. You can trace your choice to get married, take that job, or move to that city back to a set of principles you believe to be true. You can map these out to better understand what ideas are important to you.

Refute or be refuted.

Do you really believe in what you believe? Make an argument that can't be refuted. Or, be open to being proven wrong and changing your beliefs. Loading..., start acting like it.

Logic Map Logo

A scalable design.

The tool is designed around two primitives: propositions and inferences1. Every other tool is used to manipulate these primitives– the map is used to explore, the map builder to create, the posts to share.

All possible propositions and inferences already exist. I could get an AI to spit out every proposition it could think of and create every combination of inferences between them. However, only some are valuable2. The goal of Logic Map is to highlight valuable ideas.

LLMs Inside.

Yeah should be obvious- LLMs are incredibly important to making this work. The possibilities are honestly really crazy, so I'd like to share what I've made thus far:

  • Every proposition is embedded to find similar propositions and render the map.
  • Say hello to Mort Bot, a bot that can extract logic from text.
  • Logically equivalent propositions are merged using AI
  • Self-evident inferences are automatically generated


What I am currently building. Message me if you have ideas.

  • Render inferences, negations, and arguments on the Map.
  • A chapel for every idea - art, devotion, chat room.
  • Private logic repositories.
  • Public content submission for AI analyzer.
  • Logic Solver, to find contradictions across inferences.


If you are interested in the mission and would like to reach out, you can find me on twitter or email me at alexander.shortt [at] gmail.com.

[1] Propositions are statements that assert or deny something, and inferences are logical connections that transfer truth between propositions.

[2] The definition of value will greatly influence the experience of Logic Map. My current suspicions are in either fundamentality or global popularity.