Our Mission

We have lost the art of preciseness.

Rather than upholding intellectual honesty for the pursuit of truth, the common culture has fallen to the temptation of alternate motives: attention, drama, local minimas of truth, conflating possibility with certainty.

There is a population that is hungry for this dialogue.

In the best case,

they find solace with close friends that can offer productive sparring sessions. But, by the nature of the game, each partner can only meet your outer limits of knowledge on a handful of topics. So, naturally, they need more partners.

And, even with their own friends, the progress made–the beliefs changed, the propositions found to reconcile conflicting beliefs, the refined arguments, the updated definitions of terms, the fundamental beliefs found to be the source of disagreement–is left to the wind.

In the average case

they feel trapped. Their immediate circle provides no recourse to experiment with new ideas, directly conflicting with their desires. They are put in direct conflict with their environment, so they make drastic changes to course correct, losing parts of themselves in the process.

In the worst case,

they are trapped. There is no place for them online or in person to play with their ideas, so the devil offers the easier suggestion that the trouble is not worth it. Leave the complexity behind, and go along with those around you. This is an insidious death.

In comes Logic Map.

I cannot predict what this platform will look like at full maturity. Various manifestations of the interface have intrigued me over the past few years–blogs, media feeds, messaging, forums, journals, search engines, AI chats. Regardless of the choice, all will be powered on the same data structure that will be available from the start. You can find information about the data structure on the homepage.

So, whip out your copy of Principia Mathematica and your most esoteric twitter thread, and get to reasoning.